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Workshop Jobs

Workshop Jobs

We proudly offer our best quality marine services in delivering relevant consumables as food supplies, spare parts and varieties of goods on demand of our customer's requirements.

Rewinding and repairing of AC / DC / LT Motors / Alternators / Turbo Alternator / Servo Motors / AC Slipring Motors / Transformers etc.

  • Repairs and rewinding of Electric LT Induction Sq. Cage Motors 0.25 HP to 900 HP of various RPM / DC motors 1 HP to 250 HP.
  • Variable speed motors 2 HP to 40 HP.
  • All types of Slipring Induction Motors.
  • Alternators 10KVA to1500KVA and generators engines.
  • Fabrication of shaft / end covers of motors / Alternators.
  • Dynamic balacing of rotating parts.
  • Manufacturing of Epoxy moulded coils / Traction machines.
  • Rewinding of all types of transformers.
  • Troubleshooting and commissioning of LT, AC/DC motors and alternators on site.

Industrial Control Panel
  • Manufacturing of fabricated control panel as per application with gaurantee of performance.
  • Industrial wiring and maintenance for electrical machines.
  • Defective Motor Control Panel repairing and rewiring as per diagram.
  • Supply of Electrical spare parts and accessories such as contactors, relays, switches, AVR, etc.
  • Our team of expertise shall be at your services for all type of fault finding & repair jobs on Electric Motor - Starters & Control Panels, EOT Cranes, Compressors, Pumps, Welding Machines, & Electronic Cards



Marine Services

We also undertake Fabrication of Industrial and Marine Automation Control Panels motor control starters and cabling and wiring & even maintenance Contracts for Electrical Machines.

Generator & Engine Controls:
  • Digital & PLC based Engine Safety Alarms & Indication Panels Automation & Protection System for Generators, Boilers & Air Circuit Breakers
  • Design of Excitation System & Electronic AVR's for Aux. & Shaft Generators
  • Electronic Governors for Speed Control of Aux. Generators & Main Engines.

Repairs services for Marine Equipment & Automation Controls:
  • Navigation Lights, Rudder Angle Indicators, CPP & BT Controls, Engine Speed Indicators,
  • Electronic SMPS Power Supplies, Voltage Regulators, UPS, Inverters, Battery Chargers.
  • Repairs, Rewinding & Redesigns of Medium & Large Electric Motors & Generators.
Our Site Repair Service to the vessels in & around Mumbai, JNPT & all the Indian & Gulf ports has been upto the 'Total Satisfaction' of Class Surveyors & Customers.


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